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Multifamily Money

Jun 30, 2023

In this episode, we will dissect the market dynamics of housing rentals and the determinants of profit scalability in an area. We’ll also cover the interplay of supply and demand in this industry, plus the appropriate underwriting measures to gain maximum returns in your next investment choices. Stay tuned!



Jun 19, 2023

Have you considered the crucial steps and essential tasks after securing the LOI? If so, dive in to learn the best practices for conducting comprehensive due diligence and navigating the stage from business plans to closing deals. Save yourself some time by gaining valuable insights from this episode!



Jun 16, 2023

Are you looking to rev up your money game and maximize investment returns? If so, get valuable tips from today’s episode to embrace the "velocitize" mindset and transform your financial lives. Tap in to learn the strategy and find opportunities to amplify your finances!



Jun 12, 2023

With the right mindset, life challenges can be used as weapons for success. Take it from Brian Pitcher, who conquered a brain tumor and transformed his limited life expectancy into a powerful motivator to generate cash flow through various real estate asset classes. Find your greatest struggle and pivot your way to...

Jun 9, 2023

Financial independence and early retirement are likely among your life goals. However, to ensure that you do not look back on the years you spend hustling with regret, delve into this episode about the pros and cons of the F.I.R.E movement to help you weigh your options and make smart money decisions. Tune in now!