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Multifamily Money

May 23, 2022

Are you looking for a more sustainable business and personal strategy? Discover the strategy that can help you create true wealth and freedom as Casey Brown shares investment funds that invest in other funds. Tune in to discover a wealth of useful knowledge!


  • Is transactional strategy a sustainable real estate business model?
  • How do marketing funnels and private placement memorandums work?
  • Real estate cycle: Forecasting property income and capital appreciation
  •  What is a fund of funds strategy and how does it work?
  • What should you know about the real estate market today?







Casey was born in a small town in Western, KY called Hopkinsville. Shortly after he was born, his family relocated to Pueblo, Colorado, where he spent his young years. In 1992 his family moved to Colorado Springs, where he would finish school and witness firsthand how population growth does to real estate. As the Colorado city grew, the evidence and the power of the real estate market became clear to him, and that set the scene for him to aim his career choices toward the real estate sector. In 2000 he graduated from Coronado High School in Colorado Springs and moved back to Western Ky. While pursuing a degree in Agricultural Business & Economics at Murray State University, he worked and maintained the desire to work in the real estate business one day. Upon graduating college, he spent a little time trying to find his way into the real estate business while balancing the income needs of his young family and stepping into a world where zero income was guaranteed. He began a small real estate sales business with a local real estate broker. After two years of being in real estate sales full time and working a second full-time job, he decided it was time to go all-in with a real estate career. Since May of 2007, Casey has been involved in over 400 real estate transactions ranging from selling a home for $4,000 to farms and commercial properties in the stretch into the millions.